i just want to see tina be happy and settle down

I want Santana and Sebastian to do a duet in Season 6. They just sounded amazing in Smooth Criminal! Unpopular Opinion: I want them to sing something at the Klaine Wedding. Like how cool would that be! :D

All I want from Season 6 of Glee is a Klaine wedding!!!

I don’t even ship Faberry, but there is one scene that always makes me think that Quinn is totally in love with Rachel. I mean: “When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn… and only Finn, right?” Why would she ask this? Why would she say it like she hoped Rachel would deny it? Why would she look so sad? And why would she smile like that when Rachel finally hugs her? I just don’t get what they were going for with that scene.

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Jane Lynch is the most well-known actress outside of Glee. This isna fact. Sue Sylvsster is also the most iconic character to come from the show and is universally-accepted as the lynchpin of Glee’s comedy. Fact.

I’m part of the minority that doesn’t ship or is indifferent towards samcedes.

Matthew Morrison is hot!

i wish grant the best as “the flash”. he deserves all the success

I think Matthew Morrison was AMAZING in NYC (the song) him and Jane Lynch work off eachother amazingly and I wish they could sing together more

Lea Michele is hot!