i love just thinking that chris colfer wrote ‘old dog, new tricks’ its such a good episode, it makes me laugh out loud!

IDK why but I’m so here for blaineofsky…..I’m intrigued.


Blaineosky is Everything

Watching ‘Tested’ always get me in a fitness mood. It makes me want to try hard and go to the gym every day, I love it!!

Anonymous said:
I´d like to know why bashing Blainofsky is allowed, but I guess I wont get any answer to that.

Not sure how to answer that to be honest.

I re-checked the stuff that got out and so far I see it as spoiler-bashing. I probably should delete the “lol Blainofsky” tags in it, okay, I give you that. But then, I said I tag the slightest anti-stuff as “lol”.

Feel free to send positive stuff in about the spoilers. I’m all for it.

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I don’t worry about new characters. I am pretty sure they would like Bree, Dottie, Homeless Bret. Their roles will not major like season 4 newbies.

I could image Quinn as a successful feminist writer.

I would’ve loved to have seen a friendship between Ryder and Unique form instead of the while catfish thing. It kind of made Ryder seem like a total jerk.

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I’m really disappointed we didn’t get more Hudmel time :(

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I love Marley and Unique’s friendship. It’s so nice to see two girls truly liking and supporting each other instead of doing the stupid frenemies thing.

McVera is back!

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