The most frustrating thing about this fandom was that they complained about the newbies not having depth but whenever the writers tried to give them any, the fandom whined that they were “being forced on us”.

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I wish Ryder’s story lines were carried on. He had multiple and some just ended out of nowhere while others ended and were totally forgotten about.

Tina is such a beautiful&diverse character She didn’t get everything she wanted but she never gave up She was a shy girl in S1 In S2 she began to speak more and got more confidence like in Born this Way & in S3 she always gave her friends encouragement all the time&she never got a song She was a bitch in S4 but all she tried to do was act like Rachel&Santana in hopes of getting a solo I really hope she finds fame&a happy ending with Mike I hope she goes back to how she was S1-S3 she was her best

I get emotional seeing/ watching the class of 2012 graduation

I love Jenna. She is so beautiful and cheery and positive. She has an amazing voice and is absolutely perfect in her few scenes in the show whether it’s comedic or dramatic. Even when she’s in the background she is so eye-catching And beautifully tackled all of Tina’s personality changes from her Queen B attitude in Season 4, shy girl in Season 1, and encouraging friend in season 3. She is one of the most underrated actresses on the show. And has a beautiful perspective on life and her career

Can we have a hetrosexual relationship between a woman and man that doesn’t end up in a hook up

I think Heather’s voice is perfect with everyones😍

I always thought the friendship between Sam And Kurt should have been explored it made a lot more sense for them to become besties instead of Blam. Sam stood up for Kurt, Kurt helped Sam when he was homeless and kept his secret, also Sam lived in Kurt’s house for years. They obviously bonded.

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I think that Rachel has had the least amount of character development throughout the course of the show.

I really wanted some Kurtcedes interaction in NY